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Environmental Literacy Summary of Grants

Published in partnership with the Blue Sky Funders Forum this report seeks to provide a more complete picture of funding for environmental literacy. Reflecting findings from funders' 2015 environmental literacy giving, the information in this report enables funders to identify trends, gaps, and opportunities in the landscape of funding that connects people and nature.

A kid's view of EGA Retreat inWyoming

MY TRIP TO WYOMING, by Sophie Bauder age 11

Last week I was lucky enough to get to expierience Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Grand Tetons, and Yellowstone National Park because my mom organized the EGA Retreat. Every day I did something more exciting then the day before, whether it was raising $3,000 for charity, or witnessing Old Faithful erupt.

Environmental Education: A Strategy for the Future

Environmental education (EE) aims to create an environmentally literate citizenry, poised and motivated to take action on pressing environmental issues—from climate change to habitat conservation and from endangered species to water scarcity. Environmental education is about engaging students, community members, policy makers, the young and the old. It is about empowerment, skills development, and providing opportunities for action. 

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