Stewardship/ Acquisition/ Preservation

Highlights of EGA Retreat Plenary: How Passion and Partnerships are Protecting and Restoring Large-scale Ecosystems

EGA’s plenary session on Tuesday, September 27th 2011 featured a highly informational conversation regarding collaborative efforts to conserve large-scale ecosystems. It opened with a short video specially commissioned for the plenary, with moving footage of northern locales and birdlife, with an emphasis on the Golden Eagle, a pivotal cornerstone species in North America whose numbers – despite commendable efforts – are still falling. However, the projects and partnerships discussed offer a means for more successful environmental conservation.

Highlights of EGA Retreat Plenary: Challenging Old Assumptions, Finding New Allies

This plenary kicked off EGA’s Fall 2011 Retreat at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Unlike traditional plenaries, this session consisted of five individual stories and conversations about bringing environmental change through unlikely alliances and harnessing the “power of the collective.”

Ecotourism: A Conservation Strategy for Funders

This report places U.S. foundation giving for ecotourism in the context of the broader tourism industry, details ecotourism’s promises and challenges, tracks its major sources of funding, and highlights needs and opportunities for interested foundations.

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