Think Globally: Who's Prodding Green Funders to Broaden Their Horizons?

Issues like drought, climate change, and sustainable agriculture don’t recognize borders. Even during tough times for U.S. environmental policy, the most locally focused grantmakers still can’t afford to think of their work in isolation.
With that in mind, the Environmental Grantmakers Association is offering members a chance to reach far outside of their usual arenas through a five-month learning program on work happening in southern and eastern Africa, culminating in a learning trip.
“We don’t need everyone to be funding globally, but we all need to be thinking about things more holistically and more intersectionally, so this is just one way, one opportunity for funders to be able to do that,” said Rachel Leon, EGA executive director.
The program is part of an effort set in motion by EGA’s board to challenge members to engage on global issues (similar to another priority to engage members in diversity, equity and inclusion issues). One result was the Global Distance Learning Program—an effort to introduce funders to issues in other geographies in a deeper way than an affinity group might normally facilitate.
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