2011 Fall Retreat

09/25/2011 - 4:30pm

The majestic Grand Teton mountain range and tranquil Jackson Lake will be our backdrop for the Environmental Grantmakers Association’s 2011 Fall Retreat. The region is currently confronting many of the most pressing environmental issues of our time, and this Retreat will highlight their expression on the western landscape and in its rural communities, while tying the local stories to their global context and to similar struggles and problem-solving worldwide.

The 2011 Retreat Program Committee (PC) has met and put together an agenda that will inspire and provide a space to ask frank, hard questions about how we can continue to improve our individual and collective ways of doing business and what it will really take to see positive social and environmental change in 2011 and beyond.

2011 Fall Retreat Highlights

Sense of Place Speakers
Peter Gill Case, Board Chair, Rockefeller Family Fund
Tim Egan, Opinionator, New York Times
Ernesto Pepito, Manager, Youth Leadership Programs, Crissy Field Center, Golden Gate National Park Conservancy

Plenary Sessions
Challenging Old Assumptions, Finding New Allies
How Passion and Partners are Protecting and Restoring Large Scale Ecosystems
Approaches to Achieving Meaningful Change

Concurrent Sessions covering how place-based investments and statewide initiatives can be used for larger social change; strategies around the extraction of oil, gas, coal and ores; case studies for addressing water rights and forest preservation; the value of investing in low-income women of color for change; Native led initiatives to protect landscapes and watershed; and more.

Ad Hoc Space and time to allow funders to have conversations among themselves.

Excursions during the Retreat that allow funders to connect with the natural beauty of the region and each other.
Pre-Retreat Field Trips that allow attendees to experience climate change, land use, industrialization, watershed protection, and sustainability impacts and efforts in the region.