Environmental Justice in NYC: Successful Advocacy for Sustainable Policy Change

10/17/2011 - 2:45pm

The story of how, over the last decade, the Bloomberg Administration developed and is implementing a solid waste management plan that reduces not just the number of waste transfer stations and amount of truck traffic in poor neighborhoods of color, but also the amount of solid waste generated by the City is a story of successful advocacy for both environmentally sound and environmentally just policies. 

It is a story of long-term grassroots activism by the people breathing that noxious air and of strategic lawyering and persuasion by national environmental organizations and of alliances among very local groups, bigger citywide groups, and national groups. It is a story of government responding to citizen concern and to scientific fact. And it is a story that shows the powerful role that foundations can play in changing the quality of life – and the very air they breathe – for many thousands of children.