Breakfast Meeting: The Role of Coal in India’s Future

11/13/2013 - 8:00am

Whether the story is told in India or the United States, Mozambique, or China, coal, climate change, and investment growth are generally treated as forces in conflict. Coal’s storyline in India is as the “go to” source for the country’s energy and economic future. But a look under the hood at this growth engine reveals considerable support for an investment thesis that the commodity will not make it over India’s tough financial and economic terrain.

This session will explore India’s coal future through the lens of Coal India, India’s state-owned coal company and the largest producer of coal in the world. Coal India’s successful 2010 IPO issuance brought 10% of its ownership interest into the private sector. Its plan is to move 10% more into global capital markets. The economic and financial climate in 2013 requires investors to take a careful look at the evolving outlook of Coal India’s investor experience since 2010, including its domestic reserves and price and sales revenue prospects, along with the changing policies on renewables in India and around the world. 

A team of expert coal, finance, environmental, and renewables analysts will provide the lay of the land of current financial conditions and the opportunities and challenges for coal, and specifically Coal India’s future. Attend to gain a global perspective on global energy issues and markets from expert analysts and influential global investors.