EGA's 2016 Fall Retreat

09/25/2016 - 8:00am

EGA’s flagship event, the Fall Retreat, is a gathering of hundreds of grantmakers representing a broad spectrum of the environmental philanthropic community. The Retreat facilitates learning about issues, collaborating on projects, connecting with new and existing partners, and reinvigorating sense of purpose by engaging internationally and nationally recognized leaders, peers, and local voices.
This year's EGA Fall Retreat in Wyoming will bridge biodiversity and diversity through a variety of lenses and viewpoints. Our setting will be the West - a remarkable collection of people and places, and this country’s fastest growing region. Among its rainforests and deserts, glaciers and beaches, one can find the full spectrum of big-ticket environmental issues playing out. The National Park Service will be our host as they celebrate their centennial—a special time in a historic landmark. To honor this history and look ahead, EGA's Program Committee has crafted a challenging program full of reflection and forward-thinking analysis.