Barr Foundation Announces Expanding Climate Program

"With an initial $5 million commitment for 2018, Barr Foundation adds climate resilience as a third priority of its Climate program."

"Barr’s goal in this work is to ensure that climate resilience is integrated and institutionalized across various sectors, such that it becomes an essential consideration in how we plan for the future, how we build new and adapt existing buildings and infrastructure, how we create open space in ways that the public can enjoy while also protecting us from sea level rise, and how we engage all communities—especially those most vulnerable—in addressing this challenge.

With an initial focus on the City of Boston and the potential to expand to other parts of Metro Boston, Barr’s initial three strategies aim to:

  • Build awareness of climate impacts, risks, and resilience strategies.
  • Mobilize key constituencies to advance policy and implement resilience plans.
  • Support demonstration projects that integrate resilience into the fabric of our cities."