Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Supports Efforts to Help Wildlife and People Adapt to Shifting Climates

"Reintroducing beavers to their former homes is one ways that the Methow Beaver Project, Grand Canyon Trust and the U.S. Forest Service—grantees of the Wildlife Conservation Society through the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation (DDCF)—are cultivating landscapes’ health and biodiversity through conservation practices that consider the changing climate.

With the effects of climate change already underway, it is important for funders and environmental organizations to consider forward-looking strategies, such as this one, that address the reality of shifting conditions. In this perspective, we at DDCF are not alone--joining a community of other foundations that support complementary climate adaptation initiatives, such as the 100 Resilient Cities Initiative with the Rockefeller Foundation, the Climate Resilience and Urban Opportunity Initiative with the Kresge Foundation, and the Climate Resilience Fund with the MacArthur Foundation. While environmental conservation efforts have often sought to maintain historical conditions, DDCF’s grant making intends to support conservation organizations as they pursue approaches that intentionally respond to the climate changing around them. This is the core concept DDCF supports the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to foster through the Climate Adaptation Fund."

"While these projects are worth backing for their individual merits, DDCF also funds WCS to support the broader field by sharing the lessons of this work across the conservation community. As part of this effort, WCS published two reports, “14 Solutions to Problems Climate Change Poses for Conservation” and “Embracing Change: Adapting Conservation Approaches to Address a Changing Climate,” which identify effective approaches to adapting ecosystems to long-term climate impacts. In both documents, WCS offers examples of climate-adaptive conservation approaches that have emerged as best practices after years of testing and observation. The beaver project mentioned above is among the highlighted projects."

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