Noyes Launches EAT4Health

Everybody at the Table for Health is a three-year national leadership development initiative of the Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation, supported by multiple funding partners and carried out with assistance from the talented staff of the Praxis Project. The Kresge, Surdna and Schmidt Family (11th Hour Project) foundations joined with Noyes in funding EAT4Health.

EAT4Health will make the federal food policy advocacy ecosystem more inclusive of low-income and people of color communities, responsive to grassroots needs and ideas, and effective in strengthening community well-being. Community-based organizations will work with national advocacy groups to bring into the policy-making process the voices of people most underserved by the current food system. Those are the voices of people living in urban, suburban and rural, low-income communities who have insufficient access to healthy food and suffer with nutrition-related illnesses; family farmers and urban gardeners struggling to maintain their food production; farm workers and food laborers who are exploited; and communities exposed to agricultural chemicals and diesel exhaust, and facing other social and environmental costs.

We invite other grantmakers to join us and our partners in this exciting undertaking. For more information about becoming a funding partner, contact Kolu Zigbi, Program Director for Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems and EAT4Health.

To learn more about EAT4Health and how community-based organizing groups and national advocacy organizations can apply for funding, please visit EAT4Health’s website.