EGA aims to increase knowledge among members and other funders regarding environmental philanthropy. Our main tools in accomplishing this are the Enhancing the Field program, various publications, and the online Journal.

The Tracking the Field program highlights connections between environmental and global philanthropy and the relationship between inclusiveness and effective environmental philanthropy. EGA’s Green Co-op assists members in connecting to green vendors to “walk the talk” of environmental stewardship through sustainable organizational practices. The inclusive practices section provides members with resources on diversity and inclusivity to strengthen their work.

EGA's publications include in-depth research on the intersection of the environment and philanthropy. Recent reports include Tracking the Field and The Broader US Environmental Movement: Composition and Funding Insights. 

The EGA staff and Board are delighted to present our 2010-2020 strategic framework. This blueprint builds on EGA’s impressive history which began more than 25 years ago with a handful of environmental funders seeking greater collaboration and synergy, and today has expanded into the big tent under which hundreds of environmental foundations connect. The Board revised and refreshed the original plan in 2014 as we reached the halfway point toward our ten year outcomes. The urgency of now is evident in the number of environmental stresses around the globe, and EGA continues to evolve to support our members in forging a path to a sustainable future.