Inclusive Practices

For over 15 years, EGA has been committed to prioritizing inclusivity and diversity as an important tool for change and impact in environmental philanthropy-- internally in organizations, in grantmaking processes, to philosophies of change-- implementation ranges depending on a foundation's structure and priorities. While this page of resources will continue to grow, below you'll find resources collected from other philanthropic organizations. We welcome your suggestions and additions. 

Council on Foundations: Inclusiveness & Diversity
Many useful articles and resources for foundations wishing to address inclusiveness and diversity in their practices and funding.

Haymarket People's Fund: Undoing Racism
Funder colleagues at the Haymarket People's Fund are working on a long-term project to "undo" racism both internally and externally. There is also an FAQ link at the bottom of their homepage about the project.

Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity
An excellent resource for foundations who are working on (or who would like to get started on) racial justice issues, both internally and externally. The Resources & Links page is an especially good place to start.

Racial Justice Collaborative
The Racial Justice Collaborative is a partnership of private and corporate foundations, family foundations and individual donors that share a commitment to support and learn from communities seeking racial justice. The collaborative will provide grants to partnerships involving lawyers and community organizations that are using legal and non-legal tools to achieve equity and fairer policies for communities marginalized by race, ethnicity, and immigrant or citizenship status.