Thank you for your interest in joining EGA. This section of the website will inform you on the benefits of membership, as well as criteria and process to join the Environmental Grantmakers Association.


EGA provides a wide array of services, conferences, and support to maximize the impact of our members’ work. Members of EGA can:

  • Attend events at the deeply discounted member rate;
  • Participate in webinars free of charge;
  • Receive electronic copies of EGA’s reports, primers, and papers;
  • Search the Member Directory and Grants Database;
  • Access detailed information on EGA site, such the peer library and full documents;
  • Receive discounts from suppliers as part of the Green Coop;
  • Join committees and task forces;
  • Submit ideas for sessions; and
  • Vote on organizational matters, such as electing Board Members.


All members of EGA, whether a foundation, giving program or individual, must:

  • Give at least $50,000 for environmental issues amongst at least five (5) groups per year;
  • Grant out more funds (on environment and in total) than raised for internal expenses; and
  • Have programs and practices that help achieve EGA’s ultimate goal.

Entities that grant funds but do not act primarily as grant-making institutions are not eligible for membership.

Interpretation of these criteria is at the discretion of the EGA Board of Directors. The Board also reserves the right to review a member’s fulfillment of these criteria at any time.

Dues Chart


Those interested in applying to become members of EGA should complete the online interest form. EGA staff will then contact you to provide additional information, including the application.

Once a completed application is received, EGA staff will review it and contact the applicant to confirm that it is ready for review by the Board or else request additional clarifying information. The Board reviews completed applications three times a year: mid-February, mid-May, and late-September. Following this review, EGA staff will promptly inform applicants of the Board decision.

EGA Members, Organizational Support, and Event Attendance 

An EGA member is a donor or foundation who has applied for membership and been approved for membership by the EGA Board.

EGA members are invited annually to donate funds in the form of dues or grants to help support the organization. This is voluntary, and the suggested amount is based on a sliding scale, calculated based on the member’s environmental giving in the previous year. No good or services are received by the member foundation in exchange for these donations.

EGA members may attend EGA events at the discounted member rate, which is also a suggested, voluntary amount.

EGA reserves the right to reconsider a member’s status at any time.

EGA reserves the right to invite members, funder nonmembers, and other individuals as guests to EGA events, meaning no registration fee is requested.