Throughout the year, EGA organizes multiple opportunities for members to learn, interact, and network with fellow grantmakers.

Annual Fall Retreat - EGA’s flagship event assists hundreds of funders representing a broad spectrum of the environmental philanthropic community in learning about issues, collaborating on projects, connecting with new and existing partners, and reinvigorating their sense of purpose. Presenters include internationally and nationally recognized leaders.

Federal Policy Briefing - EGA holds at least one smaller, more focused briefing each year. These one- to two-day events, which 75 to 150 funders attend, also have notable speakers and offer impressive learning and networking opportunities.

Webinars - EGA offers regular virtual convenings through webinars — telephone conference calls with documents and presentations shared simultaneously online — in which a handful or hundreds of funders may participate. Recent webinars have covered climate change, nuclear energy, biomass and biofuel, and Rio+20 2012.